It is in 2023 that EDERRAK is born.

Here in Biarritz, we are lucky to be the cradle of European surfing. However, we are faced with the omnipresence of plastic waste throughout the year. Finding a way to reuse this waste is not only useful but essential. 

Our challenge? Combine this plastic waste with a need to store and display your boards.

Where are ederrak products made?

For the sake of sourcing and production, our suppliers are French and produce the materials in their workshops in the Basque Country, Gironde and Ile-de-France. For cutting and machining, we call on trusted local Basque-Landes service providers.

What colors are available, possible to customize?

We try to offer a multitude of colors, however the colors vary according to the sourcing of our suppliers. There are an infinite number of combinations, do not hesitate to ask us for customization.

What maintenance for Ederrak products?

For maintenance, a simple cleaning with water is sufficient. For more stubborn dirt, use white vinegar and a microfiber cloth.

With regular use, the material may patina and scratch. However, nothing serious, you can perform a fine sanding of the surface to recover a new appearance.

For what types of boards?

We have carried out the necessary tests to guarantee the solidity of our racks. The EKS01 support is suitable for all types of boards, shortboard, longboard, etc ...