Our engagement


Plastic waste, a recurring problem.

Throughout France, we identify deposits of plastic waste. According to the NGO report, in New Aquitaine no less than 399.81 m3 of waste was collected. There are 5,000 billion plastic particles floating in our oceans.

From collections carried out by our partners , the waste is intended for incineration or landfill. The origin of the waste used to make your rack may consist of “post-industrial” plastic waste and “post-consumer” plastic waste.

For example, bottle caps collected on the beaches of the south of the Landes, single-use jars used to measure the quality of bathing water on the Basque coast, but also flower pots, scraps of materials used for cosmetics and pharmacy, etc.


Always in line with our values ​​which are dear to us: innovation , aesthetics and environment.

Our Research and Development works on new concepts and the recovery of new waste. For any special requests or for tailor-made items, do not hesitate to contact us by email contact@ederrak.com


We were not only able to reinvent the racks but also give value to waste. Modular and Adaptable, these racks will offer you maximum optimization of your storage space.

Once identified, crushed and transformed via a unique process by our partners, EDERRAK offers this waste an alternative that is not only beautiful but useful. The racks are entirely made up of plastic waste recovered and transformed in France. It is a healthy and sustainable material, which makes it possible to offer unique, recycled and recyclable products. Still in a circular economy logic, scraps are recovered then retransformed to manufacture new products.

It is important to know that there are possible variations that may exist within our products. Consequently, requiring waste to become an inert and frozen whole is not entirely possible without using techniques that would go against our inspirations and our environmental ideals. The relief and irregularities have no impact on their technical qualities.